Shantel Davis

BIOGRAPHY: Shantel Davis: more commonly known as Shantel Athena graduated from Norfolk State University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Broadcast Media. Shantel began her career as a production assistant at 13 News Now. There she had the opportunity not only to floor direct and operate cameras during a live broadcast, she also had the opportunity to train in various areas at the station. There she trained under producers, directors, and reporters learning the needed skill sets for each area of the medium. After two and a half years, Shantel then transitioned to teaching elementary school, all while continuing using her skill sets with in her Nonprofit organization Silent No M0re Inc. Shantel also finished her Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Digital Entrepreneurship. This gave her an even greater skill to continue to build her non-profit where she is currently building a digital platform that will reach teens and young adults across the country. Shantel desires to build a platform that allows teens and young adults to receive inspiration, motivation, and information that empowers them to be more successful with their career goals.

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