Dear HRBMP Members:


I hope this email finds you safe and well!  

In response to the public health risk tied to the Coronavirus and in compliance with federal guidelines requesting we avoid large gatherings and practice social distancing, the HRBMP Board of Directors has cancelled next week’s monthly meeting.

We will continue to monitor the situation and keep you as up to date as possible with HRBMP information through emails and our website.

That being said, I’d like to share some information I gleaned during a Coronavirus Telephone Town Hall hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus this afternoon. The virus can last up to three days on surfaces, particularly plastic and metal.  So, in addition to washing your hands, please wipe down the items you bring into you home.

The Coronavirus is two to three times more contagious than the flu. This is why social distancing is so very important. Please take the necessary steps to keep yourself and your family safe.

With the pandemic forcing so many adjustments to school and work schedules, the HRBMP Board has also decided to extend the deadline for College Scholarships from March 15th to May 1st.  We continue to ask for your help getting the word out to High School Seniors and College students.
If you have yet to select a committee to serve on, please do so.  Below are the Committees and their Chairs.

Special Events – Charles Cheek, Chair 
Education and Scholarship – Larry Rubama, Chair 
Fundraising – Grace Douglas, Chair
Communications – Kanitra Hatton, Chair
Membership – Kara Dixon, Chair 
Professional Development – Marie Bullock, Chair

Special Committees
Bylaws – Donte Owens, Parliamentarian
Budget – Dr. Wanda Brockington, Treasurer 

You can reach us at:  Please include in your email, the name of the committee you’re interested in, your email address, phone number and the best time to contact you.

 At this time, our next monthly meeting is scheduled for April 30th at 7p at WHRO Public Media, 5200 Hampton Blvd, Norfolk, VA . 
Thank you for your assistance, interest and support of HRBMP!
Lisa Godley
HRBMP President