Hampton Roads Black Media Professionals (HRBMP) is a nonprofit organization of communicators dedicated to inspiring African-American students to pursue college and media related careers. 

HRBMP will award scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 to college students in Hampton Roads who are pursuing journalism or media-related studies. 

Download the 2021 Application Here

The application is due June 15, 2021 and can be emailed to larubama@yahoo.com or mailed to HRBMP, 5540 Bulls Bay Drive, Virginia Beach, VA. 23462.

If you need an application or have any questions, contact Larry Rubama at 757-575-6449 or at larubama@yahoo.com


2020 Scholarship Winners

1st Place Winner of the Byron Burney Scholarship

Simone Elise Windley, Nansemond River graduate

College: Hollins University

Major: Film, Journalism (Double-major)

What it means to receive the Byron Burney Scholarship: “I’m immensely grateful for the legacy of Mr. Byron Burney and I am deeply saddened by his sudden passing. I remember hearing about the tragedy earlier this year.  I recently came across a tweet from his former colleague thanking him for hiring him as a photographer at 13NewsNow when he was younger because it allowed him to grow his career there. That touched me because it’s important for people who make it through the door to open it for others. Similarly, by receiving this scholarship in the name of his legacy, a door has been opened for me in the form of an investment in my education. This award also makes me particularly overjoyed because I was judged by professionals in the field of work I aspire to thrive in. That means the world to me.”

2nd Place Winner of the Byron Burney Scholarship

Ells Boone, Norfolk Academy graduate

College: Stanford University

Major: Communications

What it means to receive the Scholarship: “I am very grateful to have received the HRBMP Scholarship, as it helps to put a dent in the astronomical cost of education. It will allow me to work towards my goal of becoming a sports journalist, and it is an honor to be recognized by a group of professionals that I hope to one day be a part of. I know how important it is to have NABJ as a support system for Black journalists.”

3rd Place Winner of the Byron Burney Scholarship

Lauryn Moss

College: Hampton University

Major: Journalism

What it means to receive the HRBMP Scholarship: “I am entering my senior year of college, and this scholarship takes the burden off of my family. I transferred in my sophomore year and lost numerous credits, so I’ve have to play catch up. My first semester will be 20 credit hours to graduate with my class. This scholarship covers the cost of extra courses and allows me to graduate on time.”

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